Established in 1989


Copper Coating Unit

  • Copper coating tank is made of FRP ( FIBRE REINFORCED PLASTIC) to hold the pulley to guide the wire throughout the coppering process of wire.

  • The SS 316 Structure is operated by pneumatic cylinder. The Pulleys are made of special material which gives acid resistance and also wearing resistance to prevent grooving. The vertical die holder provided for skin pass above the lubrication section on SS 316 structures.

  • Covers made of SS 316 are provided to prevent damage due to acid and its fumes.

It consists of five sections for:

  •  Pickling

  •  Washing

  •  Coppering

  •  Washing

  •  Lubricant for the last skin-pass die

  • The high quality Complete SS 316 material gives high resistance to the corroding action of acids with no maintenance cost.


 1. ACID PICKLING SECTION with 2KW heater -1 no                  125 Liters.

 2. WATER SECTIONm                                                                      125 Liters

 3. COPPERING SECTION With 2KW heater-2 nos.                     500 Liters

 4. WATER SECTION                                                                          125 Liters

 5. LUBRICANT SECTION                                                                  125 Liters


  • Maximum wire speed to be coated 12.5 meters /sec.

  • Pneumatic tilting device is provided to lift the SS structure.

  • A vertical die arrangement with Rotating (0.25 hp) is provided for Skin-pass above lubricant section.